Baseball talk on Edmonton’s TSN 1260

I’m always excited to talk to radio friends in Canada. It looked like I blew a chance to do so this week when I didn’t respond to a text message soon enough, but I ended up getting passed to another show on Edmonton’s TSN 1260. And I’ve never talked to morning host Dustin Nielson before, so that was fun.

Naturally, we talked baseball and whether or not MLB will have a 2020 season. What was once a question of COVID-19 safety concerns is now a money dispute. And I don’t think that bodes well for MLB playing this year.

Thanks to the crew at TSN 1260 — including producers Ryan Holt, Matthew Iwanyk, and Hernan Salas — for having me on. As I mentioned at the end of that segment, I hope to listen to the station’s Sandwich Draft when it happens. I have definite thoughts on sandwiches!

WISE Sports Radio MLB update: June 1, 2020

In the tennis match between Major League Baseball team owners and players, the players’ union volleyed back a counter-proposal for a 2020 season that includes more games on the schedule and prorated salaries. And… the owners are almost certain to turn it down.

So as I said to Pat Ryan on WISE Sports Radio, this doesn’t change my opinion that we won’t have a baseball season this year. The shame is that the stalemate is over money and not COVID-19 safety concerns.

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WISE Sports Radio MLB spot: May 27, 2020

It’s looking less likely that we’ll see Major League Baseball play a 2020 season after team owners submitted a new proposal to players which calls for salary cuts up to 40 percent.

As Pat Ryan and I discussed on Wednesday’s WISE Sports Radio baseball segment, even the lowest-paid players make money that would be lucrative for almost anyone in regular life. But when someone making $35 million is looking at being paid $8 million instead, maybe it’s apparent why players aren’t too keen on billionaire owners crying about reduced revenues.

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WISE Sports Radio MLB segment: May 20, 2020

Last week looked like it could be the final stand for Major League Baseball with team owners and the players union set to discuss the final proposal for a 2020 season being played. While many have focused on the COVID-19 restrictions that would be implemented, the greater concern might be salaries.

On Wednesday’s WISE Sports Radio baseball segment, Pat Ryan and I chat about the many rules players, umpires, coaches, and ballpark staff would face if MLB games are played. And if there isn’t a season, will the players ultimately be blamed?

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WISE Sports Radio MLB segment: May 11, 2020

Baseball’s last stand for a 2020 season will probably happen this week. Team owners have submitted a plan to players, and now the question is whether or not the players will accept it.

On Monday’s WISE Sports Radio baseball segment, we ask the question we’ve asked all along: Is playing baseball possible while keeping everyone involved safe? Even if this is the best plan presented, is it really feasible?

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