WISE Sports Radio MLB spot: May 27, 2020

It’s looking less likely that we’ll see Major League Baseball play a 2020 season after team owners submitted a new proposal to players which calls for salary cuts up to 40 percent.

As Pat Ryan and I discussed on Wednesday’s WISE Sports Radio baseball segment, even the lowest-paid players make money that would be lucrative for almost anyone in regular life. But when someone making $35 million is looking at being paid $8 million instead, maybe it’s apparent why players aren’t too keen on billionaire owners crying about reduced revenues.

Judging from what players are saying publicly, they’re not going to accept the owners’ proposal.

Also, I mentioned that some MLB teams won’t do layoffs, furloughs, or salary cuts among their non-player employees. According to Baseball America, the Detroit Tigers and Colorado Rockies have committed to this so far while the San Diego Padres, Philadelphia Phillies, and Seattle Mariners won’t furlough any staff through October. Six clubs have yet to decide.

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Thanks to WISE Sports Radio for allowing me to post this on my site, along with Mars Hill University (which sponsors the stream), Pat Ryan, and Vistanet for sponsoring my MLB segment.

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