Podcass Sporto: Play ball? Or will COVID-19 call baseball out?

Turning the lights back on and brushing away the cobwebs! The Podcass returns with a “Sporto” edition of sports radio clips focused on the return of baseball.

After some how-do-you-do introductions, a chat with Clint Domingue on Louisiana’s 103.7 The Game (08:47) on how exciting this 2020 MLB season could be. Then, more baseball talk on Asheville’s WISE Sports Radio (24:46) with a preview of the shortened, 60-game campaign. Thank you for listening!

Coming back at you with a “regular” episode very soon!

Mentioned during this episode:

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The Podcass 026: Relaunching from quarantine! With proper social distancing!

We’re back! Relaunch! Rebirth for The Podcass! And not a case of deciding to do a podcast with unexpected free time in COVID-19 quarantine.

After an ashamedly long hiatus, we recount the past four or five weeks (2:03), look at how closely the coronavirus crisis has hit (14:15), and dissect baseball’s completely wacked plan for playing a season (27:33). Thank you for checking back in to listen!

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The Podcass 024: Mister Rogers, fast cars, and Huey Lewis in the neighborhood

Thankful for a new Podcass? We’re thankful for you listening!

First, we review the Mister Rogers movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (06:45). Then, some WISE Sports Radio talk on Major League Baseball’s bold proposal to cut down the minor leagues (13:20). One more movie review, catching up with Ford vs. Ferrari (25:57). And we close out with some love for Huey Lewis and the News (34:03).

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The Podcass 023: Astros’ sign-stealing, Parasite’s life-stealing, and never read the comments

Stepping into controversy, sign-stealing, and life-stealing on The Podcass!

First, a brief response to an Awful Announcing article I wrote (02:41). Then, baseball talk on WISE Sports Radio with the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal and MLB awards (09:18). We change it up with a review of Bong Joon-Ho’s new film, Parasite (24:39). And close it out with sports radio football chatter, digging into Colin Kaepernick’s workout and other Week 11 NFL headlines (31:34).

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The Podcass 022: Watching Watchmen and Terminator’s dark fate

Killer robots and masked vigilantes on The Podcass!

After talking about a new job (which was an old job), we review the latest Terminator flick, Terminator: Dark Fate, and wonder if we’ve already seen this movie (05:34). Then, we finally get to Watchmen, HBO’s new series that is already fascinating, challenging, and intriguing (16:18).

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