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WISE Sports Radio NFL hit: July 9, 2020

Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson stepped into it this week when he posted some anti-Semitic quotes on social media. He says he didn’t realize how those were interpreted and vowed to take steps to educate himself and work with the Jewish community in Philadelphia.

For WISE Sports Radio‘s NFL segment, Pat Ryan and I discussed whether the Eagles should release Jackson or if he should be taken at his word. We also talked about the massive contract Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes signed and continuing efforts to get the Washington Redskins to change their team name.

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Hello, Canada! Baseball talk on Edmonton’s TSN 1260

Major League Baseball’s “Summer Camp” preparations for a shortened 2020 season are off to a shaky start with delays in player COVID-19 testing. That process has created plenty of doubt among players and frustration among coaches and executives who were assured constant testing would help to create a safe environment for everyone involved.

Baseball is forging ahead with workouts and plans to begin the season on July 23. But there’s still a question of whether more players, particularly stars like Mike Trout, might still opt out of playing.

I’m always happy to talk with Dave Jamieson (and Matthew Iwanyk) of Edmonton’s TSN 1260. We discussed the chances of playing a 2020 season and which teams are best suited for a 60-game season that could be unlike any we’ve ever seen.

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WISE Sports Radio MLB update: July 6, 2020

Major League Baseball is preparing to play its 2020 season now that players and team owners reached an agreement on salaries and schedule. But COVID-19 always put a season in doubt and problems with testing could be the reason no baseball is played.

Some players have tested positive and others have opted not to play this season. The game’s top star, Mike Trout, is considering a similar decision. That’s the main topic on my WISE Sports Radio baseball segment, along with the Cleveland Indians saying they’ll consider changing their name.

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WISE Sports Radio MLB spot: July 1, 2020

Minor League Baseball confirmed what seemed inevitable for months: There won’t be a 2020 season, which affects hundreds of teams and ballparks throughout the United States. But there’s no way for those teams to make money without fans coming to games.

On our baseball segment for WISE Sports Radio, Pat Ryan and I talked about that, the effect canceling the season will have on our Asheville Tourists, and an uncertain future for many teams that may not be able to survive this shutdown.

Also, what will be different for the 2020 Major League Baseball season? How will the schedule work? What rules will be changed? What motivated the Colorado Rockies’ Ian Desmond to sit out this season? And why is July 1 a happy day each year for Bobby Bonilla?

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My Spy review at Mountain Xpress

Dave Bautista is officially a movie star. He demonstrated his comedy talents in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and in Blade Runner 2049, he showed he could be good with dramatic roles.

But successfully headlining a family-friendly action-comedy will take Bautista to another level and he’s done that with the surprisingly fun My Spy, available on Amazon Prime.

I reviewed the movie for Asheville’s Mountain Xpress:

My Spy wouldn’t be nearly as fun without Dave Bautista carrying the entire venture on his formidably muscled shoulders. Any doubters who dismissed Bautista as another pro wrestler trying to be a movie star like Dwayne Johnson were likely silenced by the comic timing he showed in the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

Bautista has continued to use that talent for deadpan humor in comedies like Stuber, and with My Spy, he’s taking the step to family-friendly action star, which elevated the careers of Johnson, Vin Diesel and John Cena. (Bautista is also a producer here, showing he knows this is the right move, balanced with his roles in upcoming spectacles such as Dune, Army of the Dead and a third Guardians movie.)

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