WISE Sports Radio NFL spot: Nov. 7, 2019

Most of the top headlines going into Week 10 of the NFL schedule are happening off the field. Could the Los Angeles Chargers be moving to London? Has Cam Newton played his last game for the Carolina Panthers? Did Mitchell Trubisky really ask for TVs at the Chicago Bears headquarters to be turned from ESPN and Fox Sports because he didn’t want to hear constant criticism?

We discussed that and more on Thursday’s WISE Sports Radio NFL segment with hosts Pat Ryan and Mike Gore. (Mike’s a Bills fan, so we also talked about their chances.)

While we were talking about the possibility of the Chargers moving to London, there were a couple of details from my notes I forgot to mention. Don’t always have time to get everything in!

  1. The Chargers have already paid $200 million toward the new Sofi Stadium being built in Los Angeles.
  2. The L.A. Rams, who own the new facility, need the Chargers to be co-tenants for the fees they still owe and the revenues they’ll generate.

Thanks to WISE Sports Radio for allowing me to post this on my site, along with Mars Hill University (which sponsors the stream), host Pat Ryan, and D.C. Creasman Jewelers for sponsoring my NFL segment.

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