TSN 1260 MLB radio spot: Oct. 31, 2019

It was a pleasant, unexpected surprise to hear from our friends at TSN 1260 in Edmonton following the conclusion of the 2019 World Series. Matthew Iwanyk asked if I had some time to chat with Dave Jamieson, and we always have a good time talking baseball a few times during the season.

So I’m glad we could wrap up the 2019 campaign by reflecting on the Washington Nationals’ surprise World Series win, how this team will be remembered historically, and whether or not other MLB teams will try to emulate the Nats’ model for success.

We’ll see what happens next year (or even later this year, during baseball’s offseason) if the guys have me on more often. Hopefully, I’ll be writing somewhere and look like a more viable guest for them. (I very much appreciate them mentioning WISE Sports Radio and The Podcass, though.)

I just enjoy talking baseball with Dave. He was quite modest there in not touting how he highlighted Juan Soto as an impact player before the World Series began. Always a good conversation, relatively short and to the point.

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