International Radio! Talking MLB’s COVID-19 outbreak on Edmonton’s TSN 1260

When I get the call from Edmonton’s TSN 1260 to talk baseball, it’s usually because a big story is happening. An outbreak of 14 Miami Marlins players or coaches testing positive for COVID-19 certainly qualifies.

Chatting with Matthew Iwanyk, we go over the timeline of the outbreak among the Marlins team and the sequence of events that led Major League Baseball to postpone Monday’s games in Miami and Philadelphia. How big a problem is MLB facing in trying to play the 2020 season amid a pandemic?

Hello, Canada! Baseball talk on Edmonton’s TSN 1260

Major League Baseball’s “Summer Camp” preparations for a shortened 2020 season are off to a shaky start with delays in player COVID-19 testing. That process has created plenty of doubt among players and frustration among coaches and executives who were assured constant testing would help to create a safe environment for everyone involved.

Baseball is forging ahead with workouts and plans to begin the season on July 23. But there’s still a question of whether more players, particularly stars like Mike Trout, might still opt out of playing.

I’m always happy to talk with Dave Jamieson (and Matthew Iwanyk) of Edmonton’s TSN 1260. We discussed the chances of playing a 2020 season and which teams are best suited for a 60-game season that could be unlike any we’ve ever seen.

Baseball talk on Edmonton’s TSN 1260

I’m always excited to talk to radio friends in Canada. It looked like I blew a chance to do so this week when I didn’t respond to a text message soon enough, but I ended up getting passed to another show on Edmonton’s TSN 1260. And I’ve never talked to morning host Dustin Nielson before, so that was fun.

Naturally, we talked baseball and whether or not MLB will have a 2020 season. What was once a question of COVID-19 safety concerns is now a money dispute. And I don’t think that bodes well for MLB playing this year.

Thanks to the crew at TSN 1260 — including producers Ryan Holt, Matthew Iwanyk, and Hernan Salas — for having me on. As I mentioned at the end of that segment, I hope to listen to the station’s Sandwich Draft when it happens. I have definite thoughts on sandwiches!

The Podcass 020: Congrats Nats, Browns down, and Mr. Biscuit

With the end of the World Series and the Washington Nationals shocking baseball with their win, we have lots of baseball talk on the latest Podcass!

First, we cover the events leading up to Game 7 between the Nats and Houston Astros on Asheville’s WISE Sports Radio (01:50). Then, thoughts on 15 seasons of Nationals baseball (18:52), followed by reflection on that surprise championship with Edmonton’s TSN 1260 (31:47). Football talk closes us out as we shovel dirt on the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and Mitchell Trubisky (39:14).

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TSN 1260 MLB radio spot: Oct. 31, 2019

It was a pleasant, unexpected surprise to hear from our friends at TSN 1260 in Edmonton following the conclusion of the 2019 World Series. Matthew Iwanyk asked if I had some time to chat with Dave Jamieson, and we always have a good time talking baseball a few times during the season.

So I’m glad we could wrap up the 2019 campaign by reflecting on the Washington Nationals’ surprise World Series win, how this team will be remembered historically, and whether or not other MLB teams will try to emulate the Nats’ model for success.

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