Amusement Park Podcast 005: Jason Statham is my man crush

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Coming up with stuff to discuss hasn’t been a problem for us, five episodes into the Amusement Park Podcast. But it’s always helpful when the news fairies bring us a hot topic shortly before we record.

The apparent break-up between Henry Cavill and Warner Brothers, and Cavill no longer playing Superman on the big screen provided plenty for us to talk about. Chris Cox and I also discuss Entertainment Weekly‘s Captain Marvel cover story, review Season 2 of Netflix’s Iron Fist, and say goodbye to the Oscars’ “Most Popular Film” award.

Have we already been doing this for a month? Four episodes says we have. The fourth edition of The Amusement Park Podcast is now available.

You can listen or download below:

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Enjoy your weekend (be safe if you’re in the Carolinas) and thank you for listening!

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