Not a Newsletter: 02/11/18


And we’re back! Two weeks in a row is kind of an achievement around here, if you’ve been unfortunate enough to be following me and my stop-and-start blogging for a while.

This week’s Not a Newsletter is a little bit late, as I worked more this weekend than planned (as you’ll see below). That also prevented me from watching as much of Altered Carbon as I wanted. OK, the Olympics took up some of that TV time too.

But I’ve been kind of sluggish all week after staying up all night to write after the Super Bowl. Nothing makes me feel older than how long it now takes to recover from pulling an all-nighter. Too old for that shit.

Pretty productive week in the Casselbloggy offices. Here’s what we have to show for it:

So It Was Written

* The 10 best Super Bowl LII commercials: It was a Tide ad, guac without chips and getting old

The 5 worst Super Bowl LII commercials: MLK sells trucks, Diet Coke dancing, things under beds
Super Bowl LII’s movie and TV trailers: Hello Han Solo, Mustache: Impossible, and more Avengers
5 takeaways from the new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer (and some really cool posters)

* Amazon adds Conan the Barbarian series in effort to find its Game of Thrones

* Steven Soderbergh to direct film set during an NBA lockout, High Flying Bird
* 5 takeaways from the new Deadpool 2 trailer: Domino, mustache jokes and… X-Force?

* Kevin Hart interviews sports stars in ice tubs in new comedy series, Cold as Balls
* Pick your poison: Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics? (Roundtable)

* U.S. Olympic team enters Pyeongchang opening ceremonies to “Gangnam Style,” nodding to South Korea’s Psy
Trust the MLB projections? We don’t see eye to eye with all of PECOTA’s picks (Roundtable)
* New Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia is a huge Star Wars fan

* WEEI suspends Christian Fauria for using stereotypical Asian accent to imitate Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee
* Yu Darvish signs with Cubs, who take advantage of slow free agent market to add top starter
* No hard feelings? Blake Griffin doesn’t shake hands with former teammates in Pistons’ loss to Clippers

So It Was Read


** Woodward and Bernstein drawing parallels between the current White House administration and the Nixon administration they helped take down is a development that we probably could’ve predicted, right? [Washington Post]

** Being a professional football player, and one who played in the Super Bowl, would seem to lead to a lifetime of fame and prosperity. It doesn’t always work out that way, sometimes terribly so.  []

** Yeah, Bill Belichick lost the Super Bowl. He’s lost three of them, so maybe he’s not as dominant and above his peers as we may have thought. But I still enjoy reading about the methods that set him apart, such as his approach to the NFL Draft. [Yahoo Sports]

** Podcasts are yet another form of media that I fall behind on consuming. Part of that is because when discovering a podcast that you really enjoy, you bond with it and put everything else to the side for full attention. Maybe that’s why I often listen to shows I can listen to while doing other things, like sports and movie podcasts. [monkey see]

** Maybe the strangest story after last year’s Super Bowl was the theft of Tom Brady’s jersey. Apparently, he didn’t have to worry about that this year. Or security around Brady’s locker was really tight. []

** Hunter S. Thompson covering the Super Bowl? Only in the 1970s, man. Is there anything that could be an equivalent in 2018? (For that matter, would Rolling Stone send anyone to cover the big game now?) Maybe we’re all trying to be Thompson wannabes. [Rolling Stone]

** Of course, this week has to include a Matt Patricia story. He’s now officially the coach of the Detroit Lions! Here’s a story about him picking rocks. Really. (If you thought there was a romance about farming, this might kill it.) [Detroit Free Press]

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