Amusement Park Podcast 022: Spider-Man: Far From Home, True Detective and Netflix. Get Excited!


On the latest Amusement Park Podcast, we respond to the first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer which dropped this week. We also dig into the Season 3 premiere of True Detective (Chris is a newbie to the show) and discuss Netflix’s price increase for subscribers.

With news of Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters movie, the two of us also briefly debate whether Hollywood has run out of ideas. Personally, I think that’s a tired argument. But maybe you agree with Chris.

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Not a Newsletter 004: Empathy and rigorous preparation


Happy Thanksgiving (weekend)! Maybe this wasn’t the case for everyone, but the holiday seemed to arrive sooner than expected this year. Is it because we’re so rarely in a holiday state of mind these days, even when we probably need a break and diversion more than ever?

To stop and consider what we’re thankful for right now feels like kind of a trite exercise when nearly every day seems to be a fight with something. But maybe it’s more important than ever to think about such things.

For most of this year, I’ve been trying to prioritize what I truly feel is important and accept that I let some things in my life become more oppressive than I should have. I am most certainly thankful for the opportunity to take time to look inward and outward, and try to become a better person for it.


Yet the impulse to jump back into bad habits — taking a job that would’ve been bad for me, not showing enough empathy and patience, expecting too much from others, not accepting what I can’t control, to name a few — and forget what I’ve tried to accomplish over the past five months is a recurring struggle.

I hope I don’t write so much about trying to find a balance that it comes off as whining,  me being some kind of headcase, or any sort of self-help speak. I might not be writing as much professionally as I’d like, but I do feel like I’m in a better place — both for myself and the people around me. And I have to believe that I’ll yield some benefit from that eventually.

In the meantime, you stopping by to read this helps tremendously. And I am definitely thankful for that.

Reading to Go With Your Pie

** How many people had salad on their Thanksgiving tables? According to this diagram, virtually the entire Western part of the United States goes that way. (Although I wonder if “salad” means greens, etc., rather than some gross Jello-based “salad.”) We did not have mac and cheese, despite living in the South. [FiveThirtyEight]

** Why wombats have cube-shaped poop probably wouldn’t have been appropriate Thanksgiving dinner conversation. (But if anyone tried, please let us know!) I enjoy imagining the engineer studying this having to explain what she does to family and friends while making small talk. [Popular Science]

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Amusement Park Podcast Special Edition: DC Universe early access!


Surprise! It’s a two-episode week for the Amusement Park Podcast. Hopefully, you listen to both!

With the early launch of the DC Universe streaming service — full of movies, TV shows, animated films and series, and comic books — Chris and I decided to record a special edition of the show and share our thoughts after playing with the app for a few hours (and a couple days earlier than the announced launch).

You can listen or download below:

The Amusement Park Podcast can also be found on the following podcast platforms:

Thanks for listening to our bonus episode! Enjoy DC Universe this weekend if you signed up, and let us know what you think of it after listening to our podcast.