Dave Kindred profile on 60 Minutes shows a legendary sportswriter still writing

“Writers write.”

In sportswriting, no one may embody that ethos more than Dave Kindred. Sunday night’s 60 Minutes aired an outstanding feature on Kindred, a legendary sportswriter who’s worked for the Louisville Courier-Journal, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Washington Post (where he was syndicated throughout the country), and Sporting News, and had to scratch the writing itch when he saw a story too good to ignore.

Correspondent Jon Wertheim (a tremendous sportswriter himself, largely at Sports Illustrated) caught up with Kindred, who moved back to Illinois after retiring and enjoyed watching the Morton High School girls basketball team enough that he was compelled to write about the Lady Potters regularly for the team’s website.

Here’s a clip, but you can watch the entire feature at CBSNews.com.

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Overzealous Recycling 016: I like that Wookiee

Sad to hear that Peter Mayhew, known largely as the actor who portrayed Chewbacca in five Star Wars films, passed away this week at the age of 71. Yet Mayhew’s death occurring two days before “Star Wars Day” (May the 4th be with you) probably resulted in even more attention and appreciation for his career than it otherwise may have received.

But maybe not. Chewbacca was a beloved, iconic character in the most famous movie franchise of all time (well, until Marvel and the Avengers came along). Mayhew’s death was going to be news. But a community came together online and in person, due to social media and Star Wars Day, to express their affection, which made it just that much more special.

— If you missed the last Overzealous Recycling, you can read it here 

Growing up with Star Wars (though I often recap my love of comic books and superheroes more), Han Solo was the coolest character for me. Roguish, charming, a little bit unethical, but ultimately noble. He wore a slick vest and piloted the best starship in the galaxy. Yet as I got older (and old), I developed more affection for Chewbacca. And not just because I often express myself with roars and grunts too.

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