Who needs another podcast? Well, at least two guys…

[Image via Timehop]

While trying to push myself back into blogging, I’ve sometimes thought about whether or not I should start a podcast instead. A growing number of people seem more interested in listening to something than reading. (I might be leaning that way, as well.)

I don’t feel as confident in production and so forth to do with audio what I think I can do with words. But maybe I’ll get there someday if I put some work into it.

In the meantime, my buddy Chris Cox have talked about doing a podcast off and on for a couple years now. Chris and I used to talk every week on the radio in Louisiana. Presumably, we were supposed to talk baseball, but often veered into pop culture by the end of the segment.

After Chris left radio, I was surprised and flattered when he mentioned wanting to do a podcast someday. Of all the people he worked with and spoke to on the radio, I’m the one he wanted to chat with? But we always had fun and could riff on a variety of topics.


Naturally, life got in the way and circumstances kept us from following through. I wasn’t sure we’d ever do a podcast (and I’m guessing Chris thought the same thing). Maybe this was the 2018 equivalent of “We should start a band, man!”

But as I’ve been thinking more about finding (or reviving) a more personal outlet and looked at podcasting as a possibility, it felt like time to take the plunge when Chris brought it up again recently. Let’s do this!


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