WISE Sports Radio baseball talk: Kyle Seager retires, Cody Bellinger re-signs, MLB payrolls dip

Happy New Year! After a holiday break, we’re back on WISE Sports Radio. And despite Major League Baseball currently being in a lockout, there’s some news worth talking about.

Kyle Seager, one of baseball’s best sluggers that some fans may not know of, announced his retirement after an 11-year career with the Seattle Mariners. Cody Bellinger agreed to a one-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers after the worst season of his career. And MLB team payrolls were down by four percent in 2021, which is a big reason why players and owners are in a labor dispute.

Whether Pat Ryan realized it or not, he was leaning toward the owners’ side on the labor dispute with players. Even if TV revenues go down, there’s still money for every team to fund a competitive payroll. If team owners are losing money, they should show those numbers. But the owners never open up their books for anyone to see.

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