Sports media talk on the radio with Jim Irizarry

It’s the holiday season, which means some regular sports talk radio host are taking vacations. That works out well for our man Jim Irizarry, who’s filling in on 960 AM WSBT Sports Radio‘s “Weekday Sportsbeat” in South Bend.

Despite my gig at Awful Announcing, I don’t get to talk about sports media on the radio that much. (I know it’s kind of a niche topic unless there’s a big story like ESPN’s Maria Taylor-Rachel Nichols uproar earlier this year.) So it was fun to talk about some of the current rumors about who Amazon will hire for Thursday Night Football and respond to both Cris Collinsworth and Desmond Howard causing a stir with what they recently said on TV.

See, I should’ve known Hanukkah ended on Dec. 6. But as I said, no one in my regular real-life circle observes the holiday. Maybe I should’ve paid closer attention on social media.

Also, I shouldn’t have been caught off-guard by Jim’s co-host Carl Stutsman asking me who Amazon could hire as the TNF game analyst if Troy Aikman isn’t the guy. I should’ve at least mentioned Kurt Warner, who I think will be a candidate.

Thanks again to Jim for inviting me on during his guest stint. And if anyone else wants to talk about sports media on the radio, my contact information is here on this website. Or you can just holler at me on Twitter.

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