On second thought: Rethinking a couple of my ‘Ted Lasso’ recap answers

Since Season 2 of Ted Lasso began, we’ve been doing roundtable-style recaps at Awful Announcing. It’s been fun to get different voices in there, rather than one view, and the recaps provide a nice break from covering sports media. We’ve also done a good job of not repeating the same thought a few times — which was my biggest concern going in.

I don’t usually feel like I want to change some of my answers. And it wouldn’t be fair to do so after the article publishes. But for our “Rainbow” (Episode 5) recap, there were a couple questions that made me want to give two answers so I’m going to post them here.

Favorite scene or quote?

Original answer: Dani – “Jennifer Lopez!”

Ted – “That’s a great call, Dani. And not at all a beat too late.”

On second thought: The scene with Ted and Isaac meeting Roy late at night down a dark alley. Ted texts Roy and his phone lights up, revealing that Roy was nearby waiting. It scares the shit out of Ted and Isaac. I’m still laughing at that one.

What’s your favorite romantic comedy?

Original answer: I do enjoy the Richard Curtis romcoms that were referenced in this episode. But I’ll go with another that received a homage: When Harry Met Sally. I’ve always loved it because it wasn’t goopy, romantic fantasy like so many of these movies are. But as I get older, it speaks more loudly to me about the importance of friendship in relationships.

On second thought: I was definitely influenced by the rom-coms referenced in “Rainbow.” And When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorites. But there’s a romantic comedy I love more, that I related to more strongly when I saw it in 1992 because I was closer to the age of the characters: Cameron Crowe’s Singles.

The themes in When Harry Met Sally are more resonant. They hold more true throughout life if you’ve found that great love or even made a great friend who could be that love. Singles is more about a certain time of your life, maybe how it’s more important to figure out who you are and how that will help finding the right person for you.

Or maybe it’s just about how people prefer driving their cars to riding a supertrain.

Singles also has an outstanding soundtrack including Paul Westerberg, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and Screaming Trees. (At the time, I think Crowe was knocked for exploiting the Seattle music scene. Bah. It made for a fun setting and works as a snapshot of the early 90s.) I still listen to it regularly 30 (ouch) years later.

That’s a longer answer than I would put in one of our Ted Lasso recaps. Keep ’em short since other people are contributing. So it’s probably just as well that I went with my original thought. Fit the article better.

But there was an itch I needed to scratch since that recap published. My apologies to Cameron Crowe for not showing him love when I had the chance.

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