Desus & Mero here, Desus & Mero there, Desus & Mero everywhere

As I wrote back in July, I’m late to the Desus & Mero party but have been sticking around. Plenty more will surely be joining because the guys are everywhere right now to promote their new book, God-Level Knowledge Darts, and their talk show was just renewed for a third season at Showtime.

They were even profiled on CBS Sunday Morning!

And here’s an interview with Vulture.

I admit that I watch Desus & Mero with work at the back of my mind, hoping the Bodega Boys have a funny sports take that might fuel a post at Awful Announcing. That’s only worked for me once or twice, though.

I’d watch anyway. No late-night show consistently makes me laugh out loud as much, which happens at least once a show. Since they’re only on twice a week and each show is a half-hour, that has to be way more laughs per capita than I get from Jimmy Kimmel.

And… I even decided to buy Desus & Mero’s book (which got a good review in the New York Times), using up one of my Audible credits to get the audio version. That Audible credit was probably going to The Autobiography of Malcolm X narrated by Laurence Fishburne!

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