WISE Sports Radio NFL update: June 11, 2020

The times, they are a-changin’ — in our culture and, therefore, sports. Sports have always been a reflection of the society in which they take place — which is why the “stick to sports” cries have always been absurd.

It’s long overdue, but even the NFL is reading the room and acknowledging systemic racism in all aspects of our lives. Well, at least commissioner Roger Goodell seems to be. The other NFL owners? Not so much. Not as individuals yet. That was the main topic on Asheville’s WISE Sports Radio during my NFL segment with Pat Ryan and Mike Gore.

Here’s the statement released by the Boston Red Sox Wednesday in response to Torii Hunter’s remarks about the racism he’s faced at Fenway Park. Good on the team for addressing an issue that’s been an embarrassment for decades.

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Thanks to Mars Hill University for sponsoring WISE’s streaming broadcast and the NFL segment is presented by D.C. Creasman Jewelers.

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