WISE Sports Radio MLB hit: Feb. 5, 2020

What a difference two years makes. In 2018, the Boston Red Sox were the best team in Major League Baseball, won the World Series, and Mookie Betts was the American League’s Most Valuable Player.

Going into the 2020 season, Boston has lost manager Alex Cora after his involvement in sign-stealing schemes with the 2017 Houston Astros and 2018 Red Sox and traded superstar Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers. We talk about that along with another trade between the Dodgers and Angels, the Astros’ new general manager, and Pete Rose making his case on Wednesday’s WISE Sports Radio baseball segment.

I’ve always had an affection for the Red Sox and their fans, and as I mentioned on the air, a few of my friends are among them. So the sharp turn in fortune over the past two years is jolting. I don’t think the Red Sox will be down for long, though.

Thanks to WISE Sports Radio for allowing me to post this on my site, along with Mars Hill University (which sponsors the stream), host Pat Ryan, and Vistanet for sponsoring my MLB segment.

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