“It’s been informative and humbling”: My interview with Brad Marley about writing and podcasting

I’m a big fan of Brad Marley’s newsletter, which talks about writing and storytelling — notably from a marketing and corporate perspective. How companies tell their story is important in reaching clients and customers, and Brad has talked to a variety of writers about their work.

I suppose my writing fulfills a similar purpose, whether it’s for the outlets I work for or in promoting my own ventures, such as The Podcass and the Casselbloggy, my social media accounts and the LST Media shingle I’ve hung out for those endeavors.

So I was surprised and excited when Brad wanted to interview me for his newsletter and talk about, as he put it, the media niche I’m trying to create for myself. (It’s very niche.)

That Q&A was part of the latest edition of his newsletter, which you can read here. Brad also wrote about it on his website, which I appreciate. We also talked about the media industry in general, which is pretty bleak for those trying to make a living in it.

An excerpt:

I’m pretty late to the podcasting game, but it felt like an “adapt or die” situation for me. Blogging isn’t dead, but people seem more interested in either reading newsletters or listening to podcasts. I played with a newsletter but soon realized I’m not nearly as good as it as you (and several others, like Ann Handley) are. Friends and followers seemed much more receptive to a podcast, owing to current trends. Listening fits into our lifestyles more easily than reading nowadays.

Thanks to Brad for the interview. Please subscribe to his newsletter. There’s good stuff in there every week for writing, storytelling and, well, life. He’s also worth following on Twitter.

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