WISE Sports Radio NFL segment: Nov. 21, 2019

It’s been a week since Myles Garrett hit Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet, and the NFL is now handing out punishment to each of the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers players involved in the brawl. But first, Garrett is trying to plead his case to the NFL.

On Thursday’s WISE Sports Radio NFL segment, Pat Ryan, Charlie Metcalf, and I discuss Garrett’s argument along with Le’Veon Bell’s outrage over the league’s “random” drug testing policy, and the respective futures of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and NFL hopeful Tua Tagovailoa.

I would’ve totally hijacked the segment, but wanted to dispute Pat’s notion that Detroit shouldn’t get a Thanksgiving NFL game every year. People who don’t live in the area don’t understand how much that game means to Detroit and what a tradition it is. All the other NFL cities besides Detroit and Dallas get their chance now with a third game on the schedule.

Also, we didn’t get a chance to talk about it, but there are some big matchups in Week 11 including Cowboys at Patriots, Seahawks at Eagles, and Packers at 49ers. This should be a really fun weekend of pro football.

Thanks to WISE Sports Radio for allowing me to post this on my site, along with Mars Hill University (which sponsors the stream), host Pat Ryan, and D.C. Creasman Jewelers for sponsoring my NFL segment.

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