Amusement Park 021: Getting pumped for 2019! Marvel, DC, Comics, TV and Movies – Oh, My


On the latest Amusement Park Podcast, we make up for last week when we briefly touched on the geek culture we were looking forward to in 2019. So we’re circling back for a longer list and some more in-depth thoughts. Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars: Episode IX, The Punisher, Game of Thrones, DC Universe and more!

Also, we discuss Bohemian Rhapsody‘s surprising Golden Globes win and what we’re enjoying this week. That’s where I express my love for Cartoonist Kayfabe, the comic book nostalgia trip hosted by Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg, which has become my favorite thing to have on while I’m working.

We got a review on iTunes! The seal is broken, so hopefully you’ll join in with your own review.

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