Not a Newsletter: What, are you flying to Japan?


Hello from the airport! For the first time in far too long (nearly three years?), I’m taking a vacation. Although I can’t even get that right, as I’ll be helping a friend move out east. So a “working vacation” of sorts.

Regardless of the circumstances, it’ll be nice to unplug — although I’m sure I’ll still be more attached to my phone and iPad than I should be. I’ll probably post more to Instagram than I should. Hopefully, a few of those photos will be worth a look.

Having not traveled — especially cross-country — for a long time, I overreacted with the amount of stuff I downloaded to watch during my flight. Plus, I’ll probably listen to a podcast or two and try to read a book or magazine (airport magazine stands are crack to me) so I’m not looking at a screen.

Maybe some of these can be watched during the drive back east.

– Three episodes of Ugly Delicious
Black Panther
Hari Kondabolu: Warn Your Relatives
Batman: Ninja
– Eight episodes of All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines
The Florida Project
– Six episodes of Somebody Feed Phil
John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid
Chef’s Table, Christina Tosi episode

Yeah, I’ve really gotten back into food TV. (I know; I should be watching Barry and Westworld!) Mostly The Zimmern List, Ugly Delicious and Parts Unknown. Note how neither of those shows are on Food Network. What is that channel doing?

I could go into an extended lament over how much I regret not visiting Seattle more often during the nine years A. lived there. (And I probably will, at some point.) The past eight years in North Carolina didn’t exactly work out as planned. (For instance, being in North Carolina for eight years.)

It hasn’t all been bad, professionally or personally. (Three exceptional little nieces have definitely changed my life for the better.) But it’s time to do a little bit more for myself.

Words read

** This tracking of our relationship with coffee from early 20s to early 40s is uncomfortably accurate. (Although I think I still resemble the “Late 20s” stage here pretty closely.) [New Yorker]


** The Pistons waited a month too long to fire team president/head coach Stan Van Gundy. This is the sort of thing that happens when management doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on. [Yahoo]

** Since the end of last year, I haven’t gotten nearly as much use out of MoviePass as I should have. (I blame the need for reserved seating at many theaters now.) Maybe it’s time to just ditch my subscription? Jump before the ship sinks? [Vulture]

** Imagine you’re at a funeral parlor, mourning the death of a parent, and then you find out a Hall of Fame baseball player, maybe one of your favorites, runs the funeral home. Andre Dawson operates just such a business in Florida. [USA Today]

** I admit I haven’t watched too much baseball this year. (I’ll get back into it after Memorial Day, I imagine.) The lack of the ball being put in play with so many strikeouts, walks and home runs isn’t the main reason for that, but it’s a factor. [ESPN]

Words written

Not too much to show here this week. That’ll probably be the case for the next two weeks (if I even write up one of these damn “Not a Newsletters”).

** With Kid Gorgeous, John Mulaney is in his comedy prime, even mocking Trump with originality
** SNL mocks LeBron’s teammates in ‘The Other Cavaliers’ sketch that was cut for time
** This Week in Trailers: Teen Titans make fun of DC, another Robin Hood, Paul Rudd the spy

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