The Podcass 017: Zombieland 2 and a baseball triple tap

More sports than expected on the latest Podcass with Canadian friends and cancellations creating more time to talk baseball in anticipation of the World Series beginning.

But we do break up the baseball talk with zombies, more specifically a review of Zombieland: Double Tap (11:31). I feel like I’ve often been a zombie during October staying up late to watch these games, then getting up early to work (and working out before that). As mentioned, we preview the World Series with Edmonton’s TSN 1260 (03:21) and Asheville’s WISE Sports Radio (18:58). Then we close out with a chat on Baseball America’s report of a proposal to eliminate 42 minor league teams (28:00).

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Overzealous Recycling 016: I like that Wookiee

Sad to hear that Peter Mayhew, known largely as the actor who portrayed Chewbacca in five Star Wars films, passed away this week at the age of 71. Yet Mayhew’s death occurring two days before “Star Wars Day” (May the 4th be with you) probably resulted in even more attention and appreciation for his career than it otherwise may have received.

But maybe not. Chewbacca was a beloved, iconic character in the most famous movie franchise of all time (well, until Marvel and the Avengers came along). Mayhew’s death was going to be news. But a community came together online and in person, due to social media and Star Wars Day, to express their affection, which made it just that much more special.

— If you missed the last Overzealous Recycling, you can read it here 

Growing up with Star Wars (though I often recap my love of comic books and superheroes more), Han Solo was the coolest character for me. Roguish, charming, a little bit unethical, but ultimately noble. He wore a slick vest and piloted the best starship in the galaxy. Yet as I got older (and old), I developed more affection for Chewbacca. And not just because I often express myself with roars and grunts too.

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The Podcass 001: Us review

Us is the movie sensation sweeping the nation. Jordan Peele is considered by many fans and critics to be the new master of horror, and his second film does nothing to dispute that.

Some might not like Us as much as Get Out, but there’s a whole lot to think about and interpret long after you’ve seen the film. And the imagery could haunt you for a while. Find somebody to talk to about this movie!

Here’s a review:

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The Podcass 0.5: C’mon, another podcast?

Hello and welcome to The Podcass! Thank you for listening and downloading.

My name is Ian Casselberry, and I’m a writer, editor and podcaster. You might know me from such outlets as Awful Announcing, The Comeback, Big League Stew, MLive and Bless You Boys.

This is an audio version of my blog, with stories, rants, reviews and interviews.

Why “The Podcass”? It’s a name that occurred to me once upon a time, trying to come up with a play on my name like “The Casselbloggy.” (By the way, you can find my blog at

What can you expect from this podcast? Why should you listen? For one thing, I hope this becomes an audio version of my blog with stories, rants, reviews and interviews. I’ve seen people on social media say that they don’t read blogs anymore, but they listen to podcasts. So here I am. You can’t escape me. Unless, you know, you, like, ignore me.

Mostly, I just want to play with the form and see where I can go with it. Let me know if I’ve made a huge mistake at The show is also on Twitter @thepodcass.

Facebook? Eh, I’m not sure about that yet, though I’ve often gotten better engagement there. For now, you can find me on Facebook. I’m on Twitter @iancass and Instagram @iancass6873. I appreciate you stopping by and hope this is the beginning of something fun.