WISE Sports Radio baseball: Albert Pujols hits 700, Aaron Judge nears 61, Tony La Russa calls it a season

As Major League Baseball nears the end of the regular season, one slugger reached a milestone while another is still in pursuit. For this week’s WISE Sports Radio baseball segment, we covered Albert Pujols hitting his 700th career home run and Aaron Judge chasing his 61st of the season.

Among our other topics: Will Tony La Russa return to manage the Chicago White Sox next season? Don Mattingly will not return to the Miami Marlins. And what can MLB do to boost offense in the sport?

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WISE Sports Radio MLB update: July 27, 2020

Playing a Major League Baseball season amid the COVID-19 pandemic was always going to be risky. Yet it only took four days for the virus to break out among one MLB team, causing the postponement of two games and maybe more to come.

Naturally, the COVID-19 outbreak among the Miami Marlins was the main topic on WISE Sports Radio‘s baseball segment. Eleven players and two coaches tested positive for the virus a day after the Marlins played the Philadelphia Phillies. Should that game have been played on Sunday? Can MLB really expect to play a season?

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International Radio! Talking MLB’s COVID-19 outbreak on Edmonton’s TSN 1260

When I get the call from Edmonton’s TSN 1260 to talk baseball, it’s usually because a big story is happening. An outbreak of 14 Miami Marlins players or coaches testing positive for COVID-19 certainly qualifies.

Chatting with Matthew Iwanyk, we go over the timeline of the outbreak among the Marlins team and the sequence of events that led Major League Baseball to postpone Monday’s games in Miami and Philadelphia. How big a problem is MLB facing in trying to play the 2020 season amid a pandemic?

WISE Sports Radio MLB hit: Dec. 30, 2019

Is this really my last radio hit for 2019? I wish I’d been more aware of that while recording, though I did make sure to wish Pat Ryan and the WISE Guys crew a Happy New Year.

Catching up on some baseball news after Christmas week, Pat and I cover former Asheville Tourists star Corey Dickerson signing with the Miami Marlins, and the Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox taking big steps toward building playoff contenders for 2020. Oh, and some Star Wars!

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