WISE Sports Radio MLB hit: May 4, 2020

Baseball fans will get some live stuff to watch this week, courtesy of ESPN. But you’ll have to get up or stay up really late to watch it, since the baseball is being played in South Korea. KBO! Choose your team! We’re leaning toward the Kia Tigers here at Casselbloggy HQ.

On Monday’s WISE Sports Radio baseball segment, we wondered if the Korean Baseball Organization would fill the hunger of sports fans. And we also talk some football, noting the passing of legendary Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Colts coach Don Shula.

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WISE Sports Radio MLB segment: April 6, 2020

Shortly before I called into WISE Sports Radio for my regular baseball segment with Pat Ryan, news of Al Kaline’s death was being widely reported. I have far more to say on the Detroit Tigers legend and Hall of Famer than I could articulate on show. But I’m glad I did have an opportunity to express my feelings about Kaline.

We also discussed the MLB players union making sure that established major leaguers who signed minor-league contracts in spring training, hoping to catch on with a roster, were being paid during baseball’s shutdown. And a proposal for extra innings from the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Justin Turner that could be a lot of fun.

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WISE Sports Radio MLB spot: March 30, 2020

With the White House and CDC extending social distancing restrictions on gatherings of 50 people or more to April 30, a Major League Baseball season can’t begin until June at the earliest.

A shortened season is a near-certainty, which left MLB and the players’ union to work out many logistics in terms what players will be paid and the conditions games would be played under. On Monday’s WISE Sports Radio baseball segment, Pat Ryan and I went over the big points of the new agreement.

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Oops! No WISE Sports Radio clip for March 23, 2020

It was bound to happen one of these days. I had my computer ready to record my WISE Sports Radio baseball segment about 15 minutes before I was on. Then I brewed a cup of coffee, added to my notes, and the phone rang from the station. Forgot to get back to my computer to hit record! Oops.

We discussed Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale needing season-ending (if baseball season ever begins) reconstructive elbow surgery, the possibility of MLB playing more doubleheaders this season, and a new advocacy group for minor leaguers trying to get those players a better salary, along with keeping them housed and paid while the sport is on hold due to COVID-19.

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WISE Sports Radio MLB segment: March 18, 2020

Like all sports that would be played right now, baseball is on hold due to the coronavirus crisis. So there’s not a whole lot to talk about from MLB. But there are some questions, which Pat Ryan and I covered on Wednesday’s WISE Sports Radio segment.

When could the MLB season begin? Have any players tested positive for COVID-19? And will MLB take care of the stadium employees who won’t get paid during this postponement? Also, we’ll be talking about the current best player at each position over the next few weeks.

Thanks to WISE Sports Radio for allowing me to post this on my site, along with Mars Hill University (which sponsors the stream), host Pat Ryan, and Vistanet for sponsoring my MLB segment.