WISE Sports Radio baseball talk: Mets’ thumbs-down, Trevor Bauer’s status, and Giants’ chances

Buying a ticket to a baseball game gives you the right to express displeasure with the home team if you feel they’re not giving a suitable effort or playing badly. Maybe that reaction isn’t always fair, but it’s part of being a fan. And it’s also part of being a professional athlete.

For our WISE Sports Radio baseball segment, we discussed Javier Baez and other New York Mets players giving a thumbs-down to fans for how they’ve reacted to the team’s poor performance recently. It’s a gesture that team management definitely didn’t support.

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Charlie Watts, the Rolling Stones’ reliable backbeat; his drums go silent

At some point, it really did seem like The Rolling Stones would live forever.

Sure, we all made jokes about Keith Richards being seemingly immortal, likely due to heavy drug use. And Mick Jagger typically appeared ageless on stage, dancing, prancing, and gyrating around like a man half his age.

I often thought about Jagger being the same age as my father and tried to imagine Dad strutting and preening across stadium-sized stages to “Brown Sugar.” The visual was absurdly amusing. My father passed away in 2005, far too young at the age of 61. Mick is still going.

The Stones were planning to tour later this year, showing once again that they can’t be stopped. (Or that they’re a money-making machine that no one wants to stop.) They were scheduled for 13 dates from late September to late November, basically making up the shows that had to be postponed last year due to COVID-19.

But when Watts announced that he wouldn’t be joining the band on tour after a medical procedure, it was a reminder of how old these guys. No matter how fit, or abnormally resilient, they might be, the touring life of a rock star probably isn’t meant for people that would be considered elderly in virtually any other circumstance.

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On second thought: Rethinking a couple of my ‘Ted Lasso’ recap answers

Since Season 2 of Ted Lasso began, we’ve been doing roundtable-style recaps at Awful Announcing. It’s been fun to get different voices in there, rather than one view, and the recaps provide a nice break from covering sports media. We’ve also done a good job of not repeating the same thought a few times — which was my biggest concern going in.

I don’t usually feel like I want to change some of my answers. And it wouldn’t be fair to do so after the article publishes. But for our “Rainbow” (Episode 5) recap, there were a couple questions that made me want to give two answers so I’m going to post them here.

Favorite scene or quote?

Original answer: Dani – “Jennifer Lopez!”

Ted – “That’s a great call, Dani. And not at all a beat too late.”

On second thought: The scene with Ted and Isaac meeting Roy late at night down a dark alley. Ted texts Roy and his phone lights up, revealing that Roy was nearby waiting. It scares the shit out of Ted and Isaac. I’m still laughing at that one.

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WISE Sports Radio football talk: Bye bye Tebow, FBI investigation Deshaun Watson’s case, Dak Precott’s shoulder

With most NFL teams three weeks into training camp, roster decisions are being made and players are being cut. This week, the biggest name was Tim Tebow, who was cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars and former college coach Urban Meyer.

For this week’s WISE Sports Radio NFL segment, we discuss Tebow’s brief NFL return, the FBI investigating one of Deshaun Watson’s accusers, Dak Prescott’s shoulder problems, and quarterback Josh Rosen being cut by yet another team.

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WISE Sports Radio football talk: Panthers eyeing Deshaun Watson, Colts need QB help, Bills stadium plea

NFL teams are roughly a week into training camp. The pads are out. Full contact! Yet as we discussed on our WISE Sports Radio football segment, a couple of teams have major questions about their quarterbacks.

Will the Houston Texans trade Deshaun Watson? If so, could he return to the Carolinas and play for the Panthers? How are the Indianapolis Colts going to handle Carson Wentz’s absence due to a foot injury? Will Nick Foles reunite with coach Frank Reich?

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