WISE Sports Radio Baseball: Robinson Cano released, MLB’s baseball problem, COVID outbreaks, Bumgarner v. Bellino

Has adding the designated hitter to the National League boosted offense in Major League Baseball? Well…

On WISE Sports Radio, we discuss fewer runs and less hitting in MLB, Madison Bumgarner’s confrontation with an umpire, teams dealing with COVID outbreaks again, and Robinson Cano being released by the New York Mets.

Detroit Tigers fans can tell you all about the lack of home runs this season in MLB. The Tigers’ 11 homers as a team are the lowest total in the sport, two fewer than the Kansas City Royals. I’m surprised I didn’t get that mention in there. Hey, it was getting toward the end of a long day, as Pat Ryan alluded to during the segment.

Oh, and if you missed it, here’s the clip of umpire Dan Bellino checking Madison Bumgarner for a sticky substance.

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