WISE Sports Radio talk: Michigan beats Ohio State, Max Scherzer gets Mets money, baseball spending spree

Mondays typically mean baseball talk for me on WISE Sports Radio. But with Michigan’s huge win over Ohio State on Saturday, Pat Ryan wanted to get my Wolverines fan feelings on Jim Harbaugh finally beating the Buckeyes on his sixth try, 42-27.

But baseball teams are throwing some big money at free agent talent, looking to beat the Dec. 2 deadline when team owners will lock out the players and bring the offseason to a freeze. Max Scherzer drew the top headlines by signing with the New York Mets. But plenty of other free agents, including infielder Marcus Semien, pitchers Robbie Ray and Kevin Gausman, signed multi-million contracts shortly before we went on the air.

Since I mentioned it at the start, here’s the column I wrote a year ago for The Comeback in which I said Michigan needs to move on from Jim Harbaugh.

“Michigan football hasn’t improved under Harbaugh. And it increasingly appears that he doesn’t have the answers, that he’s not the savior Wolverines diehards — and college football fans — expected. The coach no longer looks like he’s attacking each day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Nor do his players.”

Yep, taking that one back!

And just after our segment ended, shortstop Corey Seager did indeed sign with the Texas Rangers. At 27 years old (younger than many players typically become free agents), Seager cashed in with a 10-year, $325 million deal that was obviously more than the Los Angeles Dodgers wanted to pay to keep him.

The Dodgers have now lost Seager and Scherzer. They still have a fantastic team, but what’s their next move, especially with the top starting pitchers disappearing?

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