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Reading stack: Future mirrors, why 'Quantum' sucked and rabid skunks

I can't imagine using my bathroom mirror for more than checking to see if I need to comb my hair, if my eyes are red in the morning, or whether I need to shave. But apparently, the New York Times research and development lab has greater ambitions for their mirrors.

Imagine a mirror that's basically like a bigger iPad, where you could check the weather, your daily calendar, or get news headlines, mostly with voice commands. [Mashable]

Quantum of Solace was such a disappointing sequel to Casino Royale. How could one James Bond movie be so good, followed up by such a turd?

According to Daniel Craig, it was because of the 2008 writers' strike. No one could work on the "Quantum" script, so Craig and director Marc Forster had to come up with scenes on their own. I guess that helps explain why the story was so terrible. [The Playlist]

Is there really much of a difference between watching an old game on ESPN Classic and watching a movie you've seen before somewhere on cable? Honestly, I'd never thought about that before. But the main question that's posed here is which movies will you always stop and watch, no matter what?

The Fugitive is mentioned here, which would be on my list. Ocean's Eleven is another. Animal House. Raiders of the Lost Ark. I'd put both the Christopher Nolan Batman movies on my list too, though they don't seem to fit this idea, for some reason. [christymcdonald]

 I know directors don't usually like to talk about this stuff, out of respect to the actors in their films. But I love reading about actors who were previously cast in or auditioned for particular roles.

Like Christopher Walken trying out for Han Solo. Dougray Scott having to pass on Wolverine. I recently read that Thomas Jane turned down the role of Don Draper. Does he kick himself for that? We all won by Jon Hamm getting the nod. 

Steven Spielberg talked about alternate casting for some of his most famous movies to Entertainment Weekly[]

Encountering a skunk up close would be bad enough. (And if there's one thing I like about Asheville over Ann Arbor, it's that there don't appear to be any skunks here.) But what if that skunk had rabies? Three rabid skunks have been found in Ann Arbor this year! []