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Don Draper, Even Cool with Wet Pants

For the benefit of my dear friend Ms. Hooz (who should maybe get a new nickname, with the new blog and all), I'm posting a picture of the print ad campaign for Season 3 of Mad Men.  Has anyone ever looked calmer in a flooding room than Don Draper?

But that was no Photoshop trick. Jon Hamm was really up to his knees in a tank of water, as he showed when he appeared last week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. (He also informs us that the water is a metaphor, so apparently there will be no plumbing accidents at Sterling Cooper this season. Too bad, as I would've liked to see if Pete Campbell keeps inflatable wings in one of his desk drawers.)

If you're pressed for time, scroll ahead to the 3:36 mark of the interview.